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September 9th, 2016


Contact: Naomi Miller




MANCHESTER – On Friday the New Hampshire chapter of the American Federation of Teachers announced its endorsement of State Senator Donna Soucy for re-election to the New Hampshire Senate for District 18. AFT-NH represents nearly 4,000 working people in New Hampshire, including teachers, police, para-educators, public employees, and higher education faculty. The union endorses candidates only after review and recommendation by its Legislative Committee, followed by discussion and a decision on the part of the AFT-NH Executive Board or its Board of Directors.


“As an organization standing for fairness, democracy, and economic opportunity, we applaud Senator Soucy for her strong record of support for public education, access to health care, and promotion of economic growth policies that create jobs and enhance the lives of working people across New Hampshire,” said AFT-NH President Douglas Ley. ”AFT-NH is proud to endorse Senator Soucy as a strong voice for working women and men in New Hampshire.” 


“She is a firm opponent of so-called 'right to work' legislation designed to reduce wages, and instead supports increasing the minimum wage in New Hampshire. Senator Soucy’s strong advocacy for working families, good schools, and affordable higher education is why it is so important that she continue to represent the people of Manchester and Litchfield,” he continued.


On receiving the endorsement Senator Soucy said: “The endorsement of AFT-NH is so meaningful to me because I believe in supporting our teachers so that every child in New Hampshire can get a good education and have every opportunity to succeed.”


AFT-NH Endorses State Senator Donna Soucy

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